Each job we do has it's own challenges and opportunities, therefore it's own pricing. Following is a base line price list we will build your estimate from and is a starting point for you. A personalized quote will be supplied at your first fitting.

Bridal Gowns:

     Hem                                                                           $75+    

     Take in/let out Bodice on Sides                                     $50+

     Take in/let out Gown at Zipper                                     $50+         

     Take up Shoulders/Armscyth Fit                                    $50+ 

     Bustle Gown                                                                $75+

Formal Dresses (Prom, Bridesmaid, Mother's Dress)

     Hem                                                                           $50+

     Take in/let out Bodice at sides                                      $40+

     Take in/let out Dress at Zipper                                     $40+

     Take up Shoulders/Armscyth Fit                                    $40+

Bra Cups                                                                          $30

Corset Back                                                                      $75

Steam Dress or Gown                                                        $50+

Beading Added to Dress                                             priced by the job

Other Alterations:

      Hem Jeans/ Slacks                                                  $15

      Shorten Sleeves- jackets, shirts, tops                         $20+

      Replace Zipper- pants, jackets, other                        $15+

      Patching/ Adding Patches                                       $10+

Custom Sewing- creating a one of a kind or a duplicate of your favorite piece

      Pricing will be calculated after initial consultation.

*We appreciate our military and offer a 15% discount to all Military personnel*

*Inquire about Bridal Party Discounts*

Prices do not include tax, Other charges may apply. Other prices furnished upon request.